The SDA Bocconi MBA: An experience shared together, year after year

It is considered the excellence of management culture, a program that teaches a way of life and work, a code of conduct and a vision based on respecting one’s own professionalism and that of others. It is a unique experience that changes your life, with emotions, hopes, expectations and ambitions: that's why it's unforgettable.

Do you remember the moment when your first decided to get an MBA?
That instant turned out to be the generator of a series of great memories: the application, your acceptance, the first day of class, the new faces of your classmates, group projects. Tiredness too, but also good times together.

And then, the last day.
Being aware that a part of your life was over, a new period was about to begin, with the inevitable lump in your throat and then... the nostalgia. This is why we want to bring the MBAs from the past back "home", which is now home to the current MBAs: after many years, it's time to meet up again, talk about what's happened, and get to know the people who are going through the same indelible experience. And, along with the past classes, the current on campus classes.

An event in Milan, where it all began: for many of you, it will be a leap into the past to relive the places, people and that unique atmosphere that forged both careers and characters.

A SDA Bocconi MBA is much more than a Master.
It's the gateway to a special network: Alumni who support each other and encourage younger colleagues to start on the same path, and help them get oriented in the complicated job market.

To foster and build upon this spirit of solidarity among generations of MBA students, SDA Bocconi established the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fundin 2013 to support outstanding students by funding scholarships.